November 28, 2012

Time to pair-up – 3rd founders pair-up night at The Junction

By: karinlevi144

Registration until Wednesday Dec 12th, 24:00!

It’s time to pair-up again! Action required: 

  • If you’d like to be evaluated for the current event, you will need to re-fill that form, as I’m sure much of the data you originally filed is outdated.
  • If you teamed up already, GREAT! Forward this to a less fortunate friend who is still looking. They will THANK you.

Some background: A few months back, we set up the first and second pair-up events in Israel. It’s been an awesome experience, and coupled with a few great success stories, it’s a real high.

And yet… Much like when we wrote the original post, the most common conversation starters we hear is “I need a co-founder”, mostly of the technical variant. We now have the opportunity for you to find the perfect co-founder, AGAIN.

“How?” you ask? Simple. We invite you over to our humble crib at The Junction (week of December 9th, most likely), and let you pitch you, your idea & venture status for 2 whole minutes. No powerpoints allowed.

If you are just out of 8-200 or from another startup and feel ready to start your own, how cool can it be to be pitched by 30 people, all wanting you to join them? You just need to pick & choose. The focus for the night is consumer b2c and b2b2c companies.

So, who should register?

Each pitch event will have ~ 30 ideas pitched to a crowd of 40 available entrepreneurs. We will review the list and send invitations for both pitchers and listeners a week before the event.

To make it easier for people to “get it”, and tell who is the right person for you… We have set a dress code this time:

- Blue shirt for developer/CTO

- Red shirt for marketing

- White shirt for CEO/Business

- Black shirt for Product

And there is a prize -  The first pair to get together, build something awesome and submit it to us for before March 1st, will win 2 seats in the Junction Wave 8.

Registration until Wednesday Dec 12th, 24:00!

Please! Wait for an official invitation, don’t just drop by (hint, hint).


  1. sharashetrit


    When’s the next one??

  2. eden


    when we get enough of a critical mass for participation.

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