The Program

  What to expect

Set in a loft in south Tel Aviv, The Junction is a platform and program for leading entrepreneurs to establish breakthrough companies starting at their seed stage.

During the 6 month program, companies become part of a new ecosystem with open-ended mentorship from theF2 Capital team, a selected group of high caliber mentors in the fields of UX/UI, technological backend, marketing, sales, design, business strategy, accounting, law, finance and more, startups get the experience that only a 24/7 commitment to building a startup can offer.


When a company is accepted to The Junction they receive :

6 months of free work space in Tel-Aviv

Coffee, beer, Wifi and all other amenities included


Funding of up to $100K- It is your choice to choose to accept this funding

It’s important to know that startups do not need to take the money, it’s optional for each company and does not compromise being a part of the program


Personal Advisor from F2 Capital

Every startup receives a partner from F2 Capital as their personal mentor with weekly meetings to help connect, open doors and push you and your team to the limit



Corporate Partners & Pilot Programs

Our corporate partners- SAP, HP, MunichRe & Elron work closely with the companies of The Junction, as well as select relevant startups to enter into pilot programs with their corporations and scale up your business


We are sponsored by Bank Leumi, Deliotte, & Meitar, who offer their service to each startup of The Junction:

Meitar- 6 months of free legal services for each startup

Deloitte- 6 months of free auditing services for each startup

Bank Leumi- Special rates

*Regardless if you already have your own service provider, you are still eligible to use these services free of charge



Microsoft Bizspark: $120K of Azure usage for 1 year

$100K of cloud credits for AWS & Google

Facebook Analytics

Appsflyer: discount for Appsflyer’s SDK

ActiveTrail: 6 months of free unlimited use; email marketing platform

Upwork: Receive $200 worth of credits for use on your website

Intercom: 50% off all packages

SOSA: Direct access to SOSA facilities, network of investors and corporate partners and events

And more…!

“The place for early stage startups to create the right network of business partners and investors.”  




                                                                                          Let’s Break It Down…

“After my second week at the Junction I suddenly realised: how many wrong assumptions can one make when working on your startup from home. Talking to entrepreneurs who face the same problems, dealing with the same challenges, and dreaming the same dream, is not only A LOT MORE FUN, but also a MUST for developing […]


What actually happens in our 6 month tailor made program?

We are a tailor made program. We understand each startup is unique and has different needs from one another, and we are here to execute your venture on its unique journey.


Our tailor made program includes:

  •  Tri-weekly “growth” meetings:  In these 1×1 meetings we focus on connecting you with both who you want to meet with and who we believe you should also meet. Together, we build the best tailor made mentorship program for you and your team.


  • We have a large database of experienced mentors who work on an individual basis with all of our startups to help them in any way they need.  We work together with you to find the best suited mentors for your needs at any moment. You ask, we provide. Our mentors come from all verticals including, but not limited to, marketing, business development, pitch/storytelling, UX/UI Design, pricing, data scientists, and more.


  • With our wide network within Israel and abroad, we connect every startup with the best introductions and networking opportunities to help execute your venture and boost your business development.


  • During your weekly meetings with your personal F2 Capital partner, you will receive tailor made help with high level introductions, advice and mentoring on how to scale your business. The partners of F2 Capital have years of experience in building companies, investing in startups and understand the ecosystem of startups worldwide.



With our years of hands-on experience, we understand that structure is needed. 

But don’t worry- we’re not here to waste your time.

Our Structured Program Includes:

  • Monthly Mentors: We invite 2-3 mentors from different verticals and backgrounds each month, and each team meets with at least 1 relevant mentor. You choose who you want to meet.


  • KPI Meetings: We have a personal KPI mentor for the startups to make sure they are meeting all of their goals.


  • Weekly ‘Fishbowl’ Meetings: Every Wednesday we bring together all of the startups, partners from F2 Capital, and our corporate partners to discuss each team’s progress and challenges of the week.


  • Lectures: We host 1 lecture or workshop each month at our office. We brainstorm relevant topics and lectures the startups are interested in attending.


  • Demo Day Preparation: In the months prior to Demo Day, we bring in pitch and story-telling experts to assist each team one-on-one with perfecting their pitch and presentations.



Our main goal and focus is to execute your business with the tools, connections and mentoring provided. We focus on the growth and business development of each company and understand the unique and different needs of your startup.

We are here to serve each startup on an individual basis, and identify the best strategy and roadmap for you.


What we look for

We are looking for early stage companies that possess the following qualities:

1) Technological Edge – We give priority to companies with technological know-how who can differentiate themselves from existing technologies. More specifically, we’re looking for companies in the fields of Big Data, Security, Analytics, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, e-Health, IOT and Data Centers.

2) A Complete Team – We look for a full team when accepting startups to The Junction. Each team must include a CTO as part of the founder’s team, and all the other necessary management team members for the full 6-month program.

3) A 100% Dedicated Team– We only accept startups that have a team that can dedicate 100% of their time (ie full-time) to the venture.

“We are 3 founders who have each built a successful business before: . we are all extremely happy we decided to join wave 4 as it was instrumental for turning our idea into a company. It helped us in building the team, in getting important feedback and mentoring, in connecting with like minded entrepreneurs and with the funding process”