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  1. The Blessed Few – We can Change it

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    Recently I had the opportunity to attend a political meeting. The objective of the meeting was of significant importance to me and, to be presumptuous, to our country – Reformation of a party that, hopefully, will some day ascend to power and once again bring true social-democratic values to our society.  Yet, a careful scan of the faces of the 40 or-so participants, revealed an extremely homogenous crowd. A good and caring crowd, yet a totally non-differentiated group. All relatively or even highly successful people, extremely caring and motivated, but, essentially without an exception, the kind of persons that the common Israeli either dislikes or even, dare I say, hates. Despite many claims to the contrary, Israel has always been a “class-oriented” society, where those who have been here longer sneer upon the new arrivals and feel that the new comers do not appreciate the hard work that their predecessors in this country have done. For an illustration, go and review the Lul gem produced by Arik Einstein and Uri Zohar approximately 40 years ago.  (more…)