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  1. Testing…Testing…Testing…

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    This is a member post by The Junction Wave 6 member, Uri Haramati, Founder at Skedook | @uriharamati 

    In my opinion, accelerators play a significant role in the lean startup movement. Startups who do not act “lean” will not make the most out of an accelerator. Many of us understand the lean startup concepts and methodology, but I found that only when you actually face your users can you truly learn what it is all about. For me, it was from Skedook’s emailing service that I learned this important principle.

    Working from an accelerator will add enormous value to anyone with the will to absorb all that it has to offer –it doesn’t matter if you are a lean or hardware-heavy startup, a blogger, a freelancer, an industrial designer or a lawyer. Why? It’s simple. The cross-pollination and creativity, and the fact that you are working around people who want to make a change will only benefit you.

    The real question is who can make the most out of an accelerator and at the same time give back? I believe that the right startups for an accelerator are those who have an idea, and a plan on how to test it from the very first day they join the accelerator. To understand what I mean by testing, I highly recommend Alberto Savoia’s talk about pretotyping, which can be found here. (more…)