Members Perks

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Facebook will help our startups with Facebook analytical tools, Understand flows, funnels, user behavior and LTV . Facebook will help define each marketing strategy and how to tell a story / creative.


Amazon web service provides our startups with the choice of $10,000 each month in credits (valid for two years) or $100,000 (valid for one year).

Cloud Credits

$100,000 in credit for 1 year for the Google Cloud Platform, 24/7 support, and 1:1 technical architecture

Cloud Credits

SAP will provide the junction members with special technologies in order to scale up each company. As well SAP can provide know-how and access to the enterprise market in over 25 industries.

Enterprise Solutions

A special discount for AppsFlyer's SDK instantly connects you with 900+ ad networks, agencies and analytics platforms, making it easy to work with the industry's top mobile.


6 months of free, unlimited usage of ActiveTrail email marketing platform

Email Marketing

50% off all packages for 3 months Intercom is the easiest way for web and mobile businesses to understand and communicate with their users


Access to the basic building blocks for starting a global business. Atlas helps developers incorporate a company in the U.S., open a U.S. bank account, and set up a Stripe account to accept payments from around the world.

Stripe Atlas

Receive all Microsoft software, support for free, and $120,000 of Azure usage for 1 year

Cloud Credits

Each participating startup will receive $200 worth of credits for use on their website

Freelance Marketplace