February 9, 2012

Pair-up night is set for Feb 20th, 5pm!

By: thejunctioncoil

Pair up

GreatPair up

Great news!

65 founders with an idea, 27 pages of pitches spreadsheet, 28 coders, 15 designers, 12 business people (& some multidisciplinary ones). More than $3.5B of previous company value (well, OK, one of them is an ex-executive at Conduit, but still) and two Crunchies award recipients.

And… 45 kickass entrepreneurs wanting to join startups. Awesome.

So, how about having 30 of them pitch you on co-founding a venture? Should be fun. Register now at: “I’m an entrepreneur at heart and looking for an idea to join”.


  1. Lior Harsat


    Hi Eden,

    I have registered as an entrepreneur with an idea when you announced pair up night.
    I haven’t received any word about my submission. Does that mean I am out?
    I am registered as BuzzJourney.

    Thanx, Lior

  2. eden


    We haven’t yet gone through the complete list of applications. I hope to finish today. Apologies!

  3. Ionflux


    Hi Eden,

    If I haven’t registered, yet I’m a technical entrepreneur looking for biz co-founder, should I come?
    Or it’s a closed event.


  4. eden


    sorry, this is a closed event.

  5. ido


    Are you planning another pair-up anytime soon?

  6. eden


    likely. did you fill the join/idea forms? we will contact everyone when we have a date for the next one.

  7. Ido Milstein


    I did fill up the forms.
    Is there a way to contact participants of the previous pair-up ?

  8. eden


    Not yet, unfortunately. isn’t working too well, otherwise I’d input everything to there. On it.

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