February 28, 2011

Opening Day

By: mporat

I had the privilege to open The Junction this morning for the first day.  When I arrived, there were already 4 people waiting for me to open up, so I guess a few others shared the excitement.  Slowly but surely people trickled in, and by 10am we had about 15 entrepreneurs at work building things.  Awesome.
Vibe is great.  People are talking, sharing, and you can really feel the cross-pollination happening.  I think it’s an inspirational space, and I personally intend to spend a day a week there.  Can’t think of a better atmosphere to help drive innovation…  but that’s for a different blog post.
I shared a few pics on The Junction’s Facebook page.  Here’s one (courtesy of @liorsion) – for more, take a look here -

A few lessons learned:

  • Don’t try to use the default mobile router you get from Bezeq for free in a room full of techies.  The one we got supported up to 9 concurrent users and then locked up.  Any effort to change its configuration failed miserably.  Had to pop out the CAT5 cables.
  • If you are going to have only instant coffee on day 1 because the espresso machine has yet to arrive, forgetting the milk is adding insult to injury.  We made a milk run.
  • Pictures/paintings on walls make a place feel more like home.  We had no pictures.  We will have pictures.
  • A TV set without cable/music/internet is somewhat useless.

But the most important lesson – It’s all about the people – and we couldn’t choose better people to start out at The Junction.  I am sure amazing things will come out of it.  Good luck to us all.


  1. Boaz Kantor


    Sounds like an anti-matter to they typical Israeli crossroad junction. Here, bumping into each other is encouraged :)
    Keep it up,

  2. Tal Slobodkin


    Micha – again, really like the idea, and the ultra fast learning curve (re milk run). Good luck – I’d definitely drop by during the next few weeks to check it out.

    Best – Tal

  3. Micha


    Thanks Tal – would love to show you around

  4. Yaniv Nizan


    Micha, Eden and Jonny – Looks like a great initiative that can help entrepreneurs a great deal and can really accelerate innovation.
    I’m sure great things will come out of it.

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