March 24, 2011

ILTechTalks – Facing the Technology Challenges Together

By: thejunctioncoil

I’m writing this on behalf of Ori Lahav, the CTO of Outbrain. ILTechTalks is one of those initiatives that initially sound too good to be true. Go ahead and take advantage of it, see for yourself! — Eden

“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.”

George Bernard Shaw

That’s basically what it’s all about.

Building a technology based business requires investment in knowledge. A software company, by the end of the day, has one big asset which is knowledge. During the road of building this business you are facing the questions around it like:

  • “How do I hire the best team?”
  • “How do I manage it?”
  • “what tools should I choose? open-source vs vendor tools? cloud vs private setup? etc…”
  • “How do I scale my technology? (that’s a good problem)”

and so on many challenges we are facing on our day to day.

Actually you find out that most of challenges you face along the road are the same ones that everybody is facing at one stage or another. Our Experience in Outbrain was not different and we found ourselves browsing tons of blogs, news groups, trying stuff and failing, even reinventing the wheel in order to get to the solution that will satisfy us to a problem which is fairly common. Our feeling was that the closest person that have hands on experience with solving such problem is in the silicon valley and we cannot talk to him.

The reality is somehow different – for most of the problems there is at least one person in the Israeli ecosystem that have done this before, he will probably be happy to share his experience and all you need is to find him and talk to him. That’s why we established ILTechTalks. ILTechTalks is a non profit organization that it’s mission is to facilitates knowledge & experience exchange between Israeli tech professionals.

IL – because it’s for us the Israeli community

Tech – because we decided to focus on the technology aspects (although other aspects are not less important).

Talks – because of the format – so let me explain how it works:

As our mission is to connect people that need knowledge to people that have it, we started with building an Inventory of Talks. Professionals from the industry that have hands on experience in solving actual problems were kind and willing to share their knowledge with the community. Companies that are in a need for this knowledge can find them there and invite them to give a talk to their teams in their office. No need to take a day out of work, pick 1 or 2 employees go to a conference (eat tons of junk), and then try to spread what you have heard in the company. In our concept the TechTalk will come to your office and will enable you to expose it to all the team. usually it’s the best way to engage the team from bottom up.

As a consequence, connections and communication channels are created which enable more information to flow between the companies. Important to note – all this is completely free (although some speakers might get  cup of coffee in your office :)) also much information is also flowing in discussion in our Google Group – I advise you to join us.

It’s amazing to find how much knowledge we have around us waiting for us to grab it.

Glad to start the collaboration between ILTechTalks and The Junction – our goal is common – establish a better technology ecosystem in the holy-land.


  1. Sharel Omer


    gr8 initiative! we can learn a lot from it…

  2. Ori lahav


    Thanks for the interest.
    The talks are there waiting for you, use it.

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