January 22, 2011


By: thejunctioncoil

This is a story of a home. A new home for likeminded people who desire, live for, and dream about building stuff.  You know – entrepreneurs.

Every entrepreneur knows what it is like starting up a company in the living room. If we are not married, we probably don’t have a living room big enough to begin with and if we are, we (and our co-founders, design papers and that HTML5 book of ours) very quickly get pushed out to a coffee shop. <rant>I still can’t get a whiteboard in my study.</rant>

This is why we have created “the junction”. A space for early stage ventures to get a place that they can call their own. It’s a place where we know magic will be created.

We will do no filtering of ideas and ask for no equity. Every active entrepreneur can sign up, and a space on a table will be available on a first-come-first-served (fifo!) basis. The place accommodates about 30-40 people at any given point, and it can be the home for your startup for the first months of its life.

For the price of a cup of coffee a day (200 NIS a month), the place will provide you free Internet and drinks, two ingredients required for any startup. The real benefits are that you will be able to:

  1. Cross pollinate with other entrepreneurs and talent. We don’t get that enough in Israel, where there are too many islands of excellence but too little rivers in between.
  2. Meet interesting people at weekly face-to-face presentations about anything starting with bigdata, the latest version of Ruby and all the way to affiliate marketing tips.
  3. Enjoy parties, cocktails and the experience that only a 24/7 commitment to building a startup can offer.

When will it be time to leave? We do want to provide an opportunity for as many startups as possible. We are still contemplating that, but most likely will ask you to stay for 3-6 months, or until you start selling, at which point it’s very likely that you will need a quiet place to run your business from.

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The junction will come on-line at Shocken 32 in the south part of Tel Aviv February 22nd.

How do you get in? Go to the “Joining the Junction” page and fill in the form. Looking forward!

For news, follow us on twitter at @thejunction32



  1. Dafna Rolls


    Looking forward to get more info.

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