Talking Investments

View On Meetup.com Date Tuesday, 20 Oct 2015 6:30 PM This time we are going to go through the different phases of fundraising from pre-seed to round B. The main goal is to give you a glimpse to how investors examine opportunities in the different rounds and stages of startups. We will talk about the […]

From an Idea to a Product – The Art of MVPing

View On Meetup.com Date Tuesday, 23 Jun 2015 6:30 PM Experts panel: From an Idea to a Product – The Art of MVPing One of the most important, yet hard to implement tools for startups is your product’s MVP. On this panel we will discuss why, when and most importantly how to create an MVP […]

Darth Vader doesn’t live here anymore: The opportunity in targeting enterprise

View On Meetup.com Date Wednesday, 27 May 2015 7:00 PM This session is led by SAP product, startup scouting, and development leaders. It will be followed by 10-min. Interviews with interested startups, to be conducted by Erez Sobol, Head of Technology Ventures at SAP: There is no screening process,anyone can register for the meetings: Meetings with Erez are fully booked […]