May 24, 2011

The Junction Wave

By: thejunctioncoil

Parting is such bitter sweet sorrow that 

I should say good-night until it be `morrow.” – Shakespeare

The first wave of the junction is about to move out of our Shocken 32 dwellings. 

Over this period, in more than one way, the group taught us what is The Junction. Introspecting, the junction is all about building an infrastructure for mutual help and self-improvement. Improvement for us and mutual help for resident companies and hopefully, the community at large. After this first wave, it’s clear that the best way to achieve that is by limiting the waves to 3 months periods, have us give as much as we can to them during that period, and hope for reciprocity between them and the rest of the community.

It one of those bitter sweet moments. After you get attached to such a group of awesome people, you need to part and bring in the next group.

Looking back, it’s been a great few months. The chair+private spot+internet+as-much-coffee-as-you-can-drink concept worked out (well, except the Internet thing for the first week). Other concepts turned out to be pretty powerful, like office hours. It’s a good time to thank Prasanna Srikhanta, who connected many-a-junction members to silicon valley contacts, Donna Avraham who kicked butt in improving their presentation, Ori Lahav that shares our vision of mutual-help in the Israeli high tech who found time outside his CTO role in Outbrain to talk scalability and of course Noa Bichovsky, Danny Sterlitz, Guy Marcus & Yotam Troim helping on product & UX.

And all that, for free and with much passion. THANK YOU ALL!

Meanwhile, we were humbled by a couple of blog posts that members wrote: Jay & Pasha.

So, two presentation days later, a werewolf and poker nights (to be continued!) and a lot, a lot of cross pollination and helping each other, two companies launched:

  • Simplee, a group of rockstars that are working to change the US healthcare system. They recently got an investment from Greylock. Kudos!
  • Hitpad by Jay Meydad & Nir Ninio which is now one of the top newsreading apps for the iPad platform. Awesome.

I am sure you’ll be hearing much from many of the groups in the 1st wave of the junction.

So, what’s next you (and I) ask?

A new group is coming in June 1st. Some of the groups that came in later will stay. I think it’s key in passing on this great culture of the 1st wave on. Some of the members in the current group are looking to rent a place together, which for me is a great indication that something worked out.

The game changer for me is we manage to build an Alumni culture together. The type of alumni that when a 22 year old kid from the 4th wave calls into Jay of Hitpad, Lior of Kidous or Roberto of Simplee, they pick up. The kind of alumni that connects the many islands of talent we have with deep rivers.

Bring it on!


  1. Alon


    Congratulations, Eden, junction people and alumni!

    The alumni plan sounds like an excellent way to expand the community – and cross-pollination – beyond the limited space of the Junction.
    I believe the lectures do the same by helping outside people (like myself) get to know others. That’s beside the lectures’ contents – some of them were big wins (and some weren’t, but you can’t win’em all).

    Keep doing what you’re doing, guys!

    For anyone wishing to engage like-minded people away from the Junction (it has limited space, after all), I humbly propose you participate in Bitorama ( – a website I started that is devoted for this very purpose.
    If any of you share the need for such a community, do help us get it off the ground.

  2. Guy Marcus


    It was my pleasure and great honor to help out such an important part of what is becoming a real cultural movement. I feel I learned a lot from the experience and it’s a small way of paying back for all the great free lectures from some of the most awesome people in the business!

    I will do it again in a heart beat if you’ll let me.


  3. Lior Sion


    What an awesome experience it was to be at the first Junction Wave. It all started slowly, people trying to get to know each other and get our heads around this Junction32 thing – but soon enough the energy flowed and things started to pick up, and now – 3 months later, it seems so weird not to get up to go down south (tel aviv) in the morning.. I’m not sure what will happen.

    To the new wave – You are given a great opportunity here – the faster you’ll understand it, connect to fellow junctionniers and local genesisians, and create you own atmosphere – the faster you’ll see the fruits coming in. Don’t be shy, introduce yourself, tell everyone what you do and look for feedback. Go to lunches together, get a drink – and ask for 2nd opinions and help. That’s what the junction is there for.

    To Genesis – you’ve done an awesome job. Everyone involved – with personal care beyond anything we could have hoped for, with professional advice and just for fun.

    Personally I hope that I would be able to be a good alumni :) and consider myself greatly in your debt for creating the junction. Good luck next wave!

  4. Donna Abraham


    Wow – what a great post Eden! You truly get a sense of your passion. It’s a wonderful space you have created and the groups are a reflection of it.

    I had a blast working with the gang, and I am CERTAIN we will be hearing much more about them. I can hardly wait to meet the new group – but as I’m sure with all parents – the first born always has a special place in your heart :)

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