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  1. 3 Cents to keep in your pocket when entering The Junction

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    This is a member post by The Junction Wave 6 Member, Ben Rubin, Co-founder CEO at YEVVO.COM | @benrbn.

    Brief background about us

    YEVVO is Social-Live-Video-Broadcasting platform. Think live video tweeting, mobiles to mobiles. We developed technology that allows you to seamlessly push HD LIVE video from your smartphone to an unlimited number of end-clients. We named it YEVVO – please don’t ask why.

    Here are the first 3 cents I would give anyone applying to an incubator :

    First cent: An introversive state of mind

    Understand that an incubator is an introversive state of mind – focus on product making/measuring/learning rather the fundraising / fundtalking / fundmailing.

    In our first week we just installed YEVVO on 100 iPhones, and started collecting data. We had 2 main goals for the next several months. First, work on product, design, learn from users and of course technology… Second, raising our seed round.

    I had a little chat with Eden and he told me something that I thought I already knew “meeting with investors is time consuming, pitching, checking backgrounds, answering emails etc… You have 2 months left; focus on building a better product… I really think you are wasting your time…” suddenly, when he implied we are not focusing on our product, it was very clear he was right.


  2. MixersApp first month at The Junction

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    This is a member post by The Junction Wave 6 Member, Maayan Kimhi.

    A month and a half ago I’ve joined The Junction: an open house for entrepreneurs.


    Well, first of all I am an entrepreneur. Second, I need a house (office) but most of all I was missing that day-to-day innovation spirit around me. In the last few months I was working from my laptop out of my bedroom (converted into an office) and from coffee shops around Tel Aviv. It has its appeal in the first few days, having a different scenery every day – different people in the tables next to you, but it gets old very quickly and I started feeling mostly alone. Trying to change the world while not really having a place in it can be hard. (more…)