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  1. It’s time to pair-up again!


    Perfect Match (by Rob Evans)

    A few months back, we set up the first pair-up event in Israel. It’s been an awesome experience, and coupled with a few great success stories, it’s a real high.

    And yet… Much like when I wrote the original post, the most common conversation starters I hear is “I need a co-founder”, mostly of the technical variant. We now have the opportunity for you to find the perfect co-founder, AGAIN.

    “How?” you ask? Simple. We invite you over to our humble crib at The Junction (August 1st most likely), and let you pitch you, your idea & venture status for 2 whole minutes. No need for complicated slides, it’s all in the presentation.

    If you are just out of 8-200 or from another startup and feel ready to start your own, how cool can it be to be pitched by 30 people, all wanting you to join them? You just need to pick & choose. The focus for the night is consumer b2c and b2b2c companies. 

    So, who should register?

    If you aren’t in the search right now but have a friend that might be (both with an idea and looking for a great co-founder with one), be a good sport and send it their way. They will thank you!

    Each pitch event will have ~ 30 ideas pitched to a crowd of 40 available entrepreneurs. We will review the list and send invitations for both pitchers and listeners a week before the event. Please! Wait for an official invitation, don’t just drop by (hint, hint).

  2. Meeting Eric Schmidt, Insights about Scaling a Start-up

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    This post by Roee Adler of Soluto who is a regular The Junction contributor was originally posted on the Modern Products blog.

    One of the great things about Soluto is that we’re backed by an excellent team of investors, ranging from big-name VCs to private current and former senior executives in various companies. One of our investors is Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman, through his personal fund (called Innovation Endeavors) that he founded withDror Berman.

    Eric recently came to visit Israel, and between meeting our prime minister and our president, came to listen first-hand to the start-ups he’s invested in (a total of 8 start-ups in Israel). So we all gathered in the new beautiful offices of BillGuard, our neighbors on Silicon Boulevard and presented who we are and what we do to Eric.

    Eric Schmidt meeting Soluto - Roee Adler and Tomer Dvir


  3. From A Childhood Of Quest Games To Building A Startup

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    This post by Junction Alumni Karin Levi was originally posted on Woman 2.0.

    “It’s essential for the industry to attract people with deep technology skills and keep them so that it can benefit from the hacker attitude of developing an idea, making it quickly, and iterating on it – and not just build sites that simply display fashion and never evolve.”

    By Karin Levi (Founder & CMO, JustUs)

    When I was a kid, I always loved playing quest games. Sam&Max, Monkey Island and Indiana Jones were my best friends. Not long ago, someone told me that the things we relate to in our childhood will have an enormous effect on our life as an adult.

    I’ve looked up the dictionary definition of “quest” and here it is: “The act or an instance of seeking or pursuing something; a search”. I think this is one of the most accurate definitions of a beginning entrepreneur.

    My name is Karin Levi, I’m 24 years old, live in Brooklyn (originally from Israel) and have a startup with my two beloved partners. Let me tell you a little bit about my personal quest that has been happening for the last 11 months called Weesh. One of my partners in the quest is Ofir Beigel. We met at the “Zell Entrepreneurship Program” at college. During my last year of study, we worked side by side and knew we had good chemistry together. Just to illustrate – if I say white, he says black and in the end, it turns into gold. Together, we went out to find our first piece of the game, which was coming up with a killer idea. (more…)