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  1. Format for pair-up night?


    What’s the right format for a pair-up night? Would love your take. What I was thinking was:

    1. Each “concept pitcher” will have 2 minutes to pitch: himself, the product & status, what he/she is looking for. This is the primary driver for the pair-up to work well, so it’s incredibly important to get it right.
    2. After that, we will have a 5 minute break, followed by optional 1 minute pitches by co-founders looking to join a startup. They can use it to have the founders want to meet them specifically.
    3. During that time, we will have a shared google doc that people could register to meet each other. I believe that at least some of the people presenting a venture would want to join a different one. Don’t be shy – you are there to find a co-founder, don’t hang to your idea.
    4. Using the doc we will set up a full hour comprised of 5 minute 1:1′s for people to get together, a’la speed dating style. We will add some random factor as well to get people outside of their comfort zone.

    I suggest no powerpointing for the 2 minutes, but if you do… Need to come earlier to load everything to a single machine. Choice of hebrew/english is yours.

  2. Pair-up night is set for Feb 20th, 5pm!

    Pair up

    GreatPair up

    Great news!

    65 founders with an idea, 27 pages of pitches spreadsheet, 28 coders, 15 designers, 12 business people (& some multidisciplinary ones). More than $3.5B of previous company value (well, OK, one of them is an ex-executive at Conduit, but still) and two Crunchies award recipients.

    And… 45 kickass entrepreneurs wanting to join startups. Awesome.

    So, how about having 30 of them pitch you on co-founding a venture? Should be fun. Register now at: “I’m an entrepreneur at heart and looking for an idea to join”.