Archive: Jan 2012

  1. Find your perfect co-founder through entrepreneur pair-up night


    One of the most common conversation starters I hear is “I need a co-founder”, mostly of the technical variant. We now have the opportunity for you to find the perfect co-founder.

    “How?” you ask? Simple. We invite you over to our humble crib at the junction (we haven’t yet determined the date, but it’s in the coming weeks), and let you pitch you, your idea & venture status for 2 whole minutes. No need for complicated slides, it’s all in the presentation.

    If you are just out of 8-200 or from another startup and feel ready to start your own, how cool can it be to be pitched by 30 people, all wanting you to join them? You just need to pick & choose.

    Our focus for the first event will be mobile & Internet technologies. We plan on doing additional pair-up nights for medical, enterprise and possibly even hardware ventures.

    So, who should register?

    If you aren’t in the search right now but have a friend that might be (both with an idea and looking for a great co-founder with one), be a good sport and send it their way. They will thank you!

    Each pitch event will have ~ 30 ideas pitched to a crowd of 40 available entrepreneurs. We will review the list and send invitations for both pitchers and listeners a week before the event.