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  1. The Three Months Ahead for Wave #2

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    The new Junction wave has started June 2nd! The Junction participants constantly teach us what the junction is all about. The purpose of this post is to expose how the life of wave #2 is going to look like during the next 3 months. If you want to contribute your bit for the Israeli entrepreneur community, Contact us! This is your opportunity to make a difference.

    What are we doing right? Wrong? Please comment.

    When we started, we focused on the basics. A junction participant gets a place to seat (not a small matter for the coffee shop dwellers), free Internet and drinks, three ingredients required for any startup. At inception, we thought the real benefits would be:

    1. Cross pollinate with other entrepreneurs and talent.
    2. Meet interesting people at our weekly face-to-face talks.
    3. Enjoy lunches, parties, cocktails and the experience that only a 24/7 commitment to building a startup can offer with fellow junction members.

    While working with the first wave we realized two things:

    1. While cross-pollination is extremely important, it’s limited to the people currently in the junction. On the other hand… If we could create an alumni network that then helps each other, across the different waves, we could make a bigger difference.
    2. By exposing the members to industry people & the previous junction waves, we could speed up the development of these groups significantly. The great news is that Israelis really want to help fellow Israelis. We just need to give them an infrastructure to do so.