Archive: Jan 2011

  1. Books for Entrepreneurs


    I got the same question a few times after posting Results-Centric Product Design: “what books is this taught in?”.

    Well, it isn’t. Not ones I know anyways (reply if you do).

    It did get me thinking what books would I recommend to entrepreneurs. I enjoy reading good “professional” books. There is just a very small number of good ones.

  2. Inception


    This is a story of a home. A new home for likeminded people who desire, live for, and dream about building stuff.  You know – entrepreneurs.

    Every entrepreneur knows what it is like starting up a company in the living room. If we are not married, we probably don’t have a living room big enough to begin with and if we are, we (and our co-founders, design papers and that HTML5 book of ours) very quickly get pushed out to a coffee shop. <rant>I still can’t get a whiteboard in my study.</rant>

    This is why we have created “the junction”. A space for early stage ventures to get a place that they can call their own. It’s a place where we know magic will be created.

  3. Results-Centric Product Design


    (this post originally appeared on TechAviv)

    “There are lies, damn lies and then there is statistics”

    – Mark Twain

    One of the great benefits of being an investor is that I get the opportunity to work with people who are incredibly smart about running Internet businesses. Product and UX is still a kind of a black art in Israel and so I found myself writing this blog post on a cold Saturday afternoon.

    I noticed that there is a common thread running through groups that are quick to iterate and have a track record of successful apps. These groups are very self aware – they measure everything about their applications, starting with user actions and ending with indicators measuring the success of their application and use it to drive their engineering. Strangely enough, the metrics are used to approximate the user, rather than traditional user stories and design personas.